Exam & Promotion


  1. Promotion depends on the child’s performance.
  2. Reports of Quarterly Assessment are given in the student’s report card. Parents or guardians should sign them regularly and follow the progress of the children. A child found with her report card unsigned will not be admitted to the class.
  3. Promotion is decided at the meeting of the Principal and cannot be re-considered. Final Examination answer scripts shall not be shown.
  4. No student will be allowed to repeat the same class for the third year. A student who fails twice in two consecutive years is considered as withdrawn from the school.
  5. A pupil who fails in any one of the major/core subjects or in two minor subjects is considered to have failed. No student is allowed to fail in English.
  6. No Pupil will be allowed to sit for promotion examination if the attendance during the year is below 80%.
  7. In all questions of promotion or failure, the decision of the School Authorities is final.
  8. At the end of the academic year, the average mark of all the three terms in every subject will be taken to declare the final result (qualifying marks will be 40% in each subject, SCERT)
  9. Failing in more than two subjects after working out the average marks of all the three examinations will be considered as Needs Improvement (SCERT).
  10. No examination or class tests will be conducted for the absentees on any reason and will not be anticipated or postponed.